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Community Support

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Serving You For Over 40 Years

Who Are We and Who Do We Serve?

Bridges Home Services is part of the Spectrum Generations umbrella of services. We have been providing quality care for over 40 years. We started our work with our Center Based and Case Management Services- offering the service to individuals who receive MaineCare Section 21/29 coverage. When COVID hit Maine, there was an increased need for more individualized service and our one staff to one client support developed. We cover Cumberland, Androscoggin, Frankin, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, Waldo, Penobscot, Somerset, and Kennebec counties. Our administrative offices are located out of Augusta and Waterville. We have the added benefit of Spectrum Generations volunteer opportunities, the programs and educational opportunities with professional speakers, and the knowledge of additional community resources to help members live independent lives.


The Community Support Services team takes a person centered and compassionate approach to help members live their (best/preferred) life. We value/understand the uniqueness of each individual and the family that supports them. All our Adult Day and Community Support Services (ADCSS) are provided by trained Direct Support Professionals who have their First Aid/ CPR certifications. Our experienced support team provides continued guidance and training to help Direct Support Professionals provide comprehensive support to you or the person you care for. Let our experts assist you in navigating the supports and services you are looking for.

The Following Services are Offered for MaineCare 21/29 Members

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Adult Day Center Based
Community Supports

ADCSS offers a variety of services and resources, including a hot nutritious meal, prepared in our commercial kitchens, community involvement for socializing opportunities, physical activity, and stimulating skill building activities. Daily activities are decided upon by the active members to support and encourage a positive well-being that enhances living a fulfilling life. ADCSS has the added benefits of an ADA compliant van to help members integrate into the community. Plus, bringing additional programs into our centers including- job development programs, Matter of Balance classes, discussions with professionals, literacy volunteers, musicians, and more.

Our Center Based services are offered Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Members have the choice of how often they want to come and how long they want to stay. Members can access the program through MaineCare covered rides or private transportation from family members or natural supports. Our centers have consistent staff and create a monthly calendar based off of the members interests. Call to schedule a free visit or to learn more about our Adult Day and Community Support Services.

In-Home Support - 1/4 Hour

Services are for members who live independently or with others, that may need assistance to live independently in their homes. The service is provided by one staff to one client at a time. This service assists clients with: cooking skills, personal care needs, completing household tasks, maintaining a positive well-being, building confidence, and accessing the community. Additionally, this service aids with communication skills, accessing medical appointments, control of personal resources, and additional transportation avenues. These services are initiated by the members’ case manager and coordinated by their care team.

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Community Support Individual/Community Membership Services

These services are for members who are looking to become a member of their community of choice. The service is provided by one staff to one client at a time, or one staff to two clients at a time. The service is intended to assist members to volunteer in their communities, learn more about the different types of jobs in their area, and build relationships with people. The service assists members to continue learning based on their unique interests and goals for the future. Staff assist members to maintain emotional well-being by working on communication, safety, and relationship building skills. Staff initially work with members to explore and discover the opportunities for involvement within their community. Additional skills include shopping skills, money management, and decision-making skills.

Work Support Services

The purpose of Work Support Services is to improve the member’s ability to independently maintain employment. Work Support is typically provided in the member’s place of work but may also be offered at the member’s home to prepare for work. Work Support Services are provided to one member at a time by a Job Coach. Job Coaches receive additional training to be the best possible support to members, assisting them with completing job tasks, understanding workplace policies, and building natural supports at work for maximum independence.

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Employment Specialist Services

Employment Specialist Services are provided by certified Employment Specialists. The service is meant to assist members in meeting employment expectations. The following may be identified by an Employment Specialist: ways to increase productivity, ways to improve relationships with coworkers to build natural support where needed, and assistance to communicate to supervisors about aspects of the job. Employment Specialist Services are also available to members who are looking to transition to a new job within or outside of their current company.

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A Professional Approach

Why Choose Bridges Home Services?

Beyond the access of our Adult Day and Community Support Services, we have the additional resources of Spectrum Generations- Central Maine’s Area Agency on Aging. Our services have the added benefit of Registered Nurse oversight, coordination of services, and access to social workers. The Adult Day and Center-Based Day Program services have the added benefit of Certified Residential Medication Aids (CRMA) and dietician-approved meals. Our environment and approach are safe and professional to help members be comfortable.

We at Bridges Home Services focus on the strengths and the positive attributes of each person we work with to create a comprehensive plan. Our members are given the options and choice to make an educated decision on their services. We look to build confidence by helping members be independent and live a satisfying life. We do this by giving our members the options and choice to make an educated decision on all aspects of life. We believe all members are to be treated with dignity and respect and have something valuable to contribute to their home, community, and place of work.

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Services for You

What Do I Get From These Services?

Satisfaction! Knowing that these services are for you and provided by experienced professionals who care. All services are customized to your needs and goals. We work with a team of people to ensure you have access to all the resources and options you need. From our center-based services where you are in a safe, stimulating, and socializing environment, to our home supports where members are supported with the basic needs of life, to our work supports where you  feel the worth and reward of hard work…we are here for you!

Who Do I Contact to Connect with These Services?

Get In Touch Today!


Or contact one of the community centers below.

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